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Bolton Global Capital is an independent broker dealer and FINRA member firm since 1985 providing financial advisors and their clients with the broadest possible access to the world’s financial markets and investment products. Client accounts are held and securities cleared through Pershing, LLC., a BNY Mellon company. Bolton Global Capital has more than 45 branch offices throughout the US and affiliates in foreign countries.

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Market Perspectives from BNY Mellon

Risks and Structural Changes in the Global Marketplace


Siguler Guff's Jim Gereghty identifies some key drivers of the changes taking place in financial markets and explains why these changes may present opportunities as well as risks.

Expanding the Opportunity Set: Total EM Investing


Alexander Kozhemiakin of Standish and Sean Fitzgibbon of TBCAM discuss the potential risk and return benefits of expanding country diversification in emerging markets investing by combining exposures to equity, bond and currency markets in a holistic approach.

The Case for Global Multi-Credit Investing


Experts from Alcentra and BNY Mellon Investment Management explain why they believe investors interested in seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns should seek out global managers with successful track records and deep expertise in both U.S. and European markets.

Battle for Barrels: Race to Lower Oil


Since China burst onto the commodity scene circa 2006, oil prices have staged two major rallies, only to be cut in half six months later.

ISSG's Economic and Capital Markets Outlook, Fourth Quarter 2015


BNY Mellon's Investment Strategy and Solutions Group discusses macroeconomic and capital market expectations for the fourth quarter of 2015.