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The Value Of Independence

Once you have established your most important life cycle goals, our Independent Financial Advisors can help you to achieve them. For more than 30 years,
we have worked with individuals, families, businesses and institutions—to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and manage wealth. By understanding our clients’ aspirations, we develop comprehensive financial strategies and make regular adjustments to changing conditions so as to ensure
that we stay on course. We help individuals and families to grow and preserve wealth over market cycles and across generations.


When you are starting a family or planning to retire, looking to fund your children’s or grandchildren’s education or the purchase of a vacation home, seeking to address health care needs or transfer the family business to the next generation, you need a financial plan. Our Independent Financial Advisors work with you to create this roadmap to their future, adapting to changing circumstances over time, helping you to achieve your goals and protect your wealth.


With access to multiple institutional research platforms, our Independent Financial Advisors can help you to define investment strategies tailored to your goals, and then help you to make informed investment choices across every market and asset class. We also offer a range of structures for managing your portfolios including commission based, fee only or third party managed accounts.


The success of your financial plan depends not only on having an appropriate investment strategy, but also on optimizing how you borrow and manage cash. When you need access to liquidity, we can offer a range of borrowing alternative that will not disrupt existing portfolio holdings or result in tax consequences associated with liquidating appreciated assets. With competitive interest rates and flexible borrowing terms, our lending programs have no required payment schedules or application fees.


Our clients enjoy the benefits of investing their assets and managing their finances through the same account. They can access banking services such as check-writing, withdrawing cash or making purchases with their Visa debit and ATM cards, or setting up automated deposits and withdrawals as well as automated bill payment through a single investment account. We offer clients a comprehensive suite of cash management and lending solutions to integrate their day-to-day needs with their long term financial goals.


Estate planning can help preserve your assets, reduce taxes, and unlock opportunities for future generations including those who benefit from your charitable giving. Our Independent Financial Advisors will leverage specialists in trusts, insurance, philanthropy and family dynamics to help you develop estate and wealth transfer plans customized to your specific control and liquidity needs.


Trusts can be appropriate vehicles for preserving wealth and reducing taxes. We make personal trust services available through a wide selection of both domestic and international corporate trustees. This open architecture platform enables clients to direct trust assets to the independent financial institutions which specialize in the type of trust vehicles which suit their specific requirements at a competitive cost.


Global Access to Markets

We offer institutional and retail clients multicurrency execution capabilities in over 65 exchanges. Clients can buy and sell foreign currencies, equities and fixed income securities assisted by our expertise and local market experience in Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

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Multi-Currency Accounts

Clients can hold cash positions and securities in over 50 foreign currencies and can receive monthly account statements of assets expressed as a value in both US and in foreign currencies.

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Foreign Exchange Trading

Clients can trade in over 50 foreign currencies. They
can also send and receive funds globally and finance international transactions through their accounts.

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Offshore Mutual Funds

For investors who reside outside of the US, we offer a comprehensive set of offshore mutual funds, ETFs and alternative products.

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American Express Card for LATAM

American Express International Dollar Card is available to residents in Switzerland, Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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*By providing this list, Bolton Global Capital makes no recommendation concerning the advisability or suitability of buying any of the funds contained on these lists. They are provided for reference purposes only. Sales may only be made by prospectus. Historical results are no guarantee of future performance.

Please contact Bolton Global Capital to verify that a distribution agreement is in place for any offshore fund which an account holder may wish to purchase.


Bolton provides execution capabilities in over 60 markets for U.S. and foreign equities, fixed income, options and foreign exchange including forwards and hedges.

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Global Equity & Fixed Income Trading

Comprehensive and robust execution capabilities including new issues with open architecture to access inventory of most major financial institutions.

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Foreign Exchange

Clients can send and receive funds in all major currencies and finance international transactions in their accounts.

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Access this proprietary system for algorithmically based fixed income portfolio construction, optimization and trading with broad access to multiple sources of liquidity.

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Through our open architecture platform, The Trust Network, investment professionals have access to a wide array of trust services for clients, with a choice of trustees.

The third party trustees, which include The Advisory Trust Company of Delaware, BOK Financial, Comerica Bank & Trust, New York Private Trust, Reliance Trust Company of Delaware and Independent Trust Company of America, assist in the administration of personal, charitable and family trusts for new and existing trusts, while still allowing the investment professional to manage the account assets.

Services offered include:

Ongoing accounting | Bill payment | Inventory maintenance and record keeping | Tax preparation and filing | Safeguarding trust property | Legal, tax and accounting advice

These trustees specialize in finding solutions to unique and complex financial situations in order to protect, transfer and grow wealth.

Trustee Services Network

Trustee Services Providers

Personal trust services available through a wide selection of corporate trustees

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Delaware Trusts

Clients can set up Delaware Trusts though Bolton’s trustee network. Delaware is the leading trust jurisdiction in the United States offering attractive tax laws, strong asset protection, investment control, flexibility and confidentiality.

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Private Client Services


Bolton has established a proprietary network of over 500 Best in Class service providers to address the unique needs of successful individuals and their families. Your financial advisor can assist you across a broad range of services to plan, coordinate and implement your personal and business objectives and enhance your lifestyle experiences. These include legal and other professional services, real estate and property management, special event planning and booking as well as premium travel.

Professional Services

For issues involving international taxation, trust and business structures, private banking. accounting, bookkeeping, outsourced corporate services, regulation and enforcement, immigration.

Property Management

Architectural and design services, construction contracting, property maintenance, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, painting and handyman services, cleaning, moving and storage, bill payment, insurance.

Special Events

Event planning, venue selection, premium catering, tickets for high demand events, celebrity entertainment, VIP experiences.


Premium private transportation, exotic destination booking, luxury rentals, top ranked restaurant reservations, emergency medical services.

Our financial advisors can assist clients to find the top professionals in our Family Office Concierge Network to execute customized solutions to support their specialized financial and lifestyle needs.


Our low cost margin and collateralized loan rates allow clients to achieve maximum liquidity in their investment portfolios by providing credit secured by portfolio assets. The rates available to our clients are substantially lower than those of more traditional lending sources such as banks and credit card companies and allow clients access to funds without the need to sell account positions.

We offer a range of lending solutions that can help clients get the most out of their portfolios, extend purchasing power, or generate income without compromising their current investment strategies.

Non-Purpose Lending

Comprehensive wealth management with securities-based lending.

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Margin Lending

Expand investment power with convenient access to credit.

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Private Banking Solutions

Lending and mortgage strategies exclusively for high-net-worth clients.

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Greater wealth often brings greater complexity and makes overseeing your financial picture more challenging. With increased assets, you have more accounts and investments to monitor, bills to pay and statements to manage. The Corestone account is a flexible asset management account designed to simplify your life by allowing you to handle all of your daily financial activities—checking, investing, bill payments and much more—all in one place.

You can access funds in your accounts and make purchases with the Visa/ATM-Debit card at banks, ATM terminals, retail establishments, hotels and restaurants throughout the world.

Corestone combines nearly all aspects of your finances so you can save time, streamline your paperwork and more easily manage your assets. Plus, all of your account activity is organized for you in one comprehensive statement providing a complete picture of your portfolio—including your cash—empowering you to easily track and monitor your finances.

Corestone Account

Manage all of your finances through a single investment account with check-writing, VISA and ATM card and automated bill payment

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Bill Payment

Clients can manage their expenses, pay bills and receive account and bill payment information on a consolidated statement.

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Retirement assets typically represent the largest component of investor wealth.

Bolton Global offers a complete collection of IRS approved qualified retirement plan documents for individuals and small businesses. Our Financial Advisors can provide support in understanding the complex regulations and procedures governing to these assets and assists clients to navigate and execute time critical transactions in these tax advantaged accounts.

Retirement Plan Capabilities


Roth IRA

Simple IRA

401(K) Plan

Profit Sharing

Money Purchase

Health Savings

Education IRA


We offer training services, financial calculators and education planning tools to select and manage the most suitable plans for our clients and for their businesses.

Small Business Retirement Plans

Bolton offers the full range of qualified retirement plans for small businesses to provide tax savings and efficient funding for retirement.

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Traditional and Roth IRAs

Investors can take full advantage of the tax savings available for various IRA account options including Traditional, Roth, Education and Simple IRA plans.

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Public sector employees can maximize their retirement savings in a tax efficient manner through a 403(B)7 account.

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Health Savings Accounts

An effective way to manage health care costs.

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529 education funding plans

529 Education Savings Plans provide a tax efficient way to save and invest for education.

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To meet the diversification and liquidity needs of affluent and high-net-worth clients, our Corporate Executive Services team provides support for:

Employee Stock Options | Rule 10b5-1 trading Plans Rule 144 Restricted and Control Stock Transactions

The team also offers strategies to assist investors with concentrated equity holdings to reduce their portfolio risk, hedge against market volatility and increase liquidity using our credit and lending capabilities.

Corporate Executive Services

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