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Bolton Global Capital

For more than 30 years, Bolton has provided independent wealth management services to a global clientele. As a privately held company, Bolton has grown its business from a small firm operating in the Boston area to a major institution with offices and clients across the US and around the globe. Today, the firm has more than 50 affiliated offices worldwide managing over $12 billion in client assets.

Since 1985, we have been committed to providing the highest quality financial services and products to our clients through financial professionals who share this goal. Our affiliated advisors include some of the most successful teams from the major financial institutions.

Bolton Global Capital is a FINRA and SEC registered broker dealer and SIPC member firm licensed to conduct business in all 50 US states. Advisory services are provided through Bolton Global Asset Management, a SEC registered investment advisor.

Client accounts are held in custody and securities cleared through BNY Mellon Pershing.


Bolton’s home office campus is located in Bolton, Massachusetts in a historic property originally constructed in 1793 by Captain Samuel Blood, a member of George Washington’s Continental Army during the Revolutionary War of 1776.

Executive Team

Ray Grenier

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Preskenis

President & General Counsel

Gene Hayes

Chief Financial Officer

Jane Mahle

Chief Compliance Officer

Matt Beals

Chief Operating Officer

Michael R. Averett

Head of Business Development

Research and Commentary

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