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Grenier, Ray, ext. 5533
Chief Executive Officer
Preskenis, Steve, ext. 5539
Hayes, Gene, ext. 5510
Chief Financial Officer
Mahle, Jane, ext. 5512
Chief Compliance Officer
Beals, Matt, ext. 5511
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer

John Cataldo, Esq, ext 5515
Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Legal Officer


Hayes, Gene, ext. 5510
Chief Financial Officer
Tarpey, Steve, ext. 5540
Ryan Crawford, 978-296-3496


Grenier, Phil, ext. 5530
O’Connor, Phil, ext. 5531
Freda, TJ, ext. 5542


Beals, Matt, ext. 5511
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer
Bacher, Jacob, (978)710-0227
Amaral, Bob, (978) 296-5541


Rodriguez, Adriana, 786-312-1016
Head of Marketing and Communications


Feliz, Deidry, 786-693-7813
Director of Operations
Dasaro, Meredith, ext. 5528
Associate Operations Manager
Correia, Ashley, ext. 5506
Exposito, Adrian, (786) 693-7832
Miami Office Manager
Jemio, Graciela, (786) 693-7800
Messina, Felton, ext. 5509
Ramon, Emiro, (786) 693-7831
Revolledo, Maria, (786) 693-7812
Velasquez, Piero, (786) 693-7830
Zeitounsian, Natalia, 786-693-7874


Mahle, Jane, ext. 5512
Chief Compliance Officer
Chouinard, Scott, ext. 5537
Director of Compliance
Callahan, Matt, ext. 5518
Holubiak, Thomas, ext. 5543
Pinto, Amarilis, ext. 5505
Whipple, Mili, ext. 5529


Fremault, Ronnie, ext. 5535
Director of Supervision
Bourdeau, Chris, ext. 5507
Supervision Principal

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