Bolton’s Helliwell on time-wasting PMs

The independent wealth manager firm’s Diana Helliwell talks about dealing with nervous clients and shines a light on an impactful PM meeting.

  • Name: Diana Helliwell
  • Title: Investment strategist
  • Company: Bolton Global Capital
  • Location: Miami, Florida 

What’s top of your to-do list:

We are hiring a client associate for our team in Bolton. We are trying to get our listing out on the traditional sites and also do a bit of old-fashioned networking to see if we can find someone who is the right fit. I am going to see firsthand how tight this labor market is, wish me luck!

Best fund manager meeting:

Recently at the last Citywire conference in Miami, a fund manager opened his presentation by asking each participant a thought-provoking question not completely relevant to what he was going to present (global equities with a quality tilt). He was able to intelligently read the room based on our answers and he adjusted his presentation which kept us invested. It was impactful because so many presentations seem to follow the same format about the team, the process, etc. 

Worst fund manager meeting:

I am grateful to be given access to some of the brightest minds, so I don’t have a ‘worst meeting’. However, it’s disappointing when it’s clear that someone has not prepared whatsoever. Everyone’s time is valuable, and being underprepared is disrespectful.

A challenge you had dealing with a client:

Last year was difficult given how fast rates increased and the impact on the markets. It has been a challenge getting some clients away from cash and back in before the window of opportunity that has emerged vanishes. We try to be patient but also try to educate those that get nervous, so they don’t miss out. 

Dream dinner guests:

I love to entertain, it’s a normal weekend activity at our place. Cultivating relationships is so rewarding.  For now, I would choose Aubrey Plaza, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and a Phoenician merchant (the Phoenicians are my favorite ancient civilization).

Hidden talents:

I do some art. I recently took a mixed media class at a studio in Miami. I really enjoy drawing. Painting is not my forte, but I am trying to make something large and abstract for our home.

If you weren’t in this job, what would you be doing:

I used to think I would have pursued law, but now in my older years I think pursuing a career in wine sounds more fun. During the pandemic, we entertained ourselves by ‘blind tasting’ wine and I found I have a knack for identifying the notes behind it. Not to mention I enjoy a glass or two (or three).

Favorite movie:

I like dramas, comedies, and documentaries. My favorite drama has to be the Joy Luck Club.  I first watched it at a very young age and remember being so moved by it. Amores Perros was always a favorite as well. A comedy that makes me laugh every time I see it is Bridesmaids.